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4/6/2011: Stands are now back in stock and all back orders are shipping this week. Future orders on will only be the "stands only" option, for the full kit please visit

FoosLight v2.1 (View Photo Gallery)

FoosLight v2.2 Full Kit
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fooslight stands

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FoosLight v2.2 Stands Only

fooslight stands
Select Table Type and Score Keeper Dimensions (measured center of hole to center of hole)
New v2.2 Has Drill Slots to Fit Multiple Tables

30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

FREE SHIPPING ON ALL CONTINENTAL US FOOSLIGHT ORDERS FOR A LIMITED TIME! Shipping is $24.99 per order. For example, if you order 1 FoosLight the shipping will be $24.99. If you order 3 FoosLights in the same order the total shipping will be $24.99. Shipping is $24.99 no matter how many FoosLights you purchase in your order.

NOTE: FoosLight is attached to the table via the table's score keepers. The dimensions between the holes drilled into the table are required to ship you the proper FoosLight to fit your table. If you have any questions at all please contact us via the NetFoos website by clicking here.


• Rigid, strong, and durable injection molded stands made with glass filled nylon plus rubber graft polymer.
"Full Kit" includes low profile American Fluorescent shop light and Westinghouse clear bulb protectors.
System provides exceptional table lighting conditions with no overhead glare for players and minimal obstructions for spectators.
Big and small tournament directors may find FoosLight's small size, lightweight construction, and multi-unit discounts desirable.
The simple, effective, and modern design provides a sculpturally elegant addition to your table.


FoosLight Stand Material: Injection Molded Glass Filled Nylon Plus Rubber Graft Polymer
Stand Color: Flat Black
Usable Light Fixture Sizes: 48”-52” long, +/- 8.5” wide, 2” to 6” high
Light Fixture: Although many fluorescent light fixtures can be used with FoosLight, to take full advantage of all the FoosLight features the Performance Plus Shoplight by American Fluorescent is recommended and is included with FoosLight "Full Kits".
Light Protectors: Clear polycarbonate tube light protectors
Full Kit Includes: Includes 2 FoosLight Stands, 1 American Fluorescent Shop Light Plus, 2 Light Tube Protectors, 2 Large Straps, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (NOTE: The 48" T8 or T12 fluorescent bulbs are NOT included but can be purchased at most hardware and many other stores)
Stands Only Includes: Includes 2 FoosLight Stands and 2 Large Straps, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Table Compatibility

FoosLight attaches via the “score keepers” via the base plate of the FoosLight stands. The FoosLight base plates measure 3-1/2" x 12", thus this lighting system will work with, for example, the "old" score keepers and "new" score keepers on the Tornado tables. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

FoosLight Pricing

FoosLight Full Kit (light bulbs not included) $ (Contact Us)
FoosLight Stands Only (includes 2 stands and straps) $74.99
Bulk Discounts (Stands and Full Kits) Contact Us To Order

Please contact us with any custom order requests or questions.